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           EDIRNO is a young company born with the purpose to design, redisign, and create new technological approaches for people affected or at risk from suffering health related challenges. The purpose of these technologies is to prevent the development of specific diseases and to help on the early diagnosis of these conditions. We also aims at creating new therapeutic approaches as well as improving the efficacy of individual treatments by evaluating its progression over time. Continuous monitoring of disease progression and response to treatment are therefore crucial to our goal. We take a holistic approach to evaluate an unmet medical need before developing the most sensible approach for a particular condition and/or individual patient.Our efforts are central for the realization of the objectives pursued by Personalized and Precision Medicine


          Our goal is to make significant improvements in the current standard of care for many medical conditions. We rely on the creative engineering capacity of insightful doctors, scientists, and engineers. They carefully learn directly and closely from the patient's side before developing useful tools, devices, and strategies. Our expertise encompases many fields: clinical and medical practice, experience in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, and diagnostic technologies, as well as engineering expertise in technologies at the molecular, genetic, nano, micro and macroscopic levels. 

Our creative vision emerges from a complete and integrated analysis of unmet health related needs. Always looking through the patient's eyes.