Our creative vision emerges from a complete and integrated analysis of unmet health related needs



          Edirno is a young innovation company born with the purpose to design and develop new technologies for people affected or at risk from suffering health related challenges. The purpose of these technologies is to prevent the development of specific diseases, to help on their early diagnosis, and to advance in their current therapeutic approaches. Monitoring disease progression and response to treatment are also crucial to our purpose. We take a holistic approach when evaluating an unmet medical need in order to develop the most sensible and personalized technology for each individual patient.


          Our goal is to make significant improvements in the current standard of care for many medical conditions. We rely on the integration of knowledge derived from medical professionals, scientists and engineers. Our team carefully learns directly from the patient's side before developing useful tools, devices and strategies. Our expertise encompasses many fields: clinical medical practice, experimental genetics, molecular biology, gene therapy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, as well as physics and engineering. Our creative designs usually involve synthetic biology sensors, actuators, and artificial regulatory networks. However, for some applications, we also incorporate mechanical and electrical engineering elements to form more complex hybrid systems in order to meet the specific health needs of each individual patient.