Our Goal is to Detect and Make Sense of Biological Signals


        At Edirno, not only we do listen to the patient but we also listen to multitude of signals emanating from the body's trillion of cells interacting and communicating with one another. These populations of cells constantly generate chemical and physical changes that can be used as indicators of biological processes. Alterations in the normal spatial, temporal and intensity changes of these signals are associated with the development of disease. Continuous analysis and sophisticated analysis of these signals serve us as essential tools for the prevention, detection and treatment of pathological processes. 
Developing New Sensors:

         Although a number of sensors and detectors of biological signals are already in the market place, at Edirno we have developed new concepts for the detection of additional biological signals that are required in order to achieve a significant improvement of the current state of the art of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic approaches.


Developing Algorithms and Mechanism to Integrate and make sense of biological signals:

        At Edirno we create algorithms and other analytical tools require to interpret vast amounts of data coming from continuous detection of an organism and the environment in which it is embedded.


Develop integrated technologies for Continuous Monitoring:

        Edirno intends to make this information useful not only for patients and their doctors but also for people in general with interest in the preservation of their own health. For this we incorporate our sensor and analytical technologies in user-friendly systems and devices. Although, some of these devices may simply imply an extension of our own sensory world and the memory of it, some others incorporate active effector components aiming at modifying the alteration in a way that prevent and/or eliminate particular diseases and therefore their pathological negative effects and complications.