Our Goal is to Improve Early Detection of Pathological Processes


          Edirno has developed new concepts aiming at the early detection of pathological processes underlying the development of chronic diseases. Our focus is on the specific elements that characterize the inflammatory response associated to the development of diseases, especially chronic diseases. 


Integrated diagnosis:

        By detecting and analyzing simultaneously different markers related to the same pathological process, Edirno aims to develop new diagnostic approaches in order to increase the specificity and sensitivity of current diagnostic tests. The goal is the early detection of pathological processes associated to critical devastating consequences that occur over short or long time periods. Edirno also aims to assist on the follow up and evaluation of efficacy of different treatment options.


Inflammatory response:

         Almost any disease and pathological process is associated with an inflammatory response that comprises different inflammatory elements, some are common to any injury or pathological process while others are specific to particular processes. At Edirno we take into consideration these properties to develop the most sensible diagnostic approach to a particular disease.


Hemostasis diagnostic approaches:

        Similarly to the inflammatory response, blood coagulation, clotting, is an essential defense mechanism for human and animal survival. Although, its function is to prevent the loss of blood in the presence of an injured blood vessel, it can also result in unexpected damage usually due to blood flow obstruction. This occurs when engaged at the wrong place, time, and/or intensity. Edirno is developing new tools aiming at the early detection and follow up of the different components of the process in order to prevent secondary damage.